Tips for Planning Your Own Corporate Travel



Besides booking flights, cars and accommodation, travel management for frequent corporate travelers may also involve organizing travel partnerships with suppliers, updating the travel policy, planning meetings and schedules and ensuring a safe and productive  experience.

When taking on your own corporate travel arrangements, the task will require a fair amount of attention to detail to ensure your trip runs smoothly.  Here are a few tips to help you plan a knock-out business trip.

Book early

Some business trips come up at the last minute, making it impossible to book early. However, when you are able to, plan your trip in advance to keep costs low and to ensure availability on a variety of options.  Travel deals come and go quickly, so booking them immediately will ensure you don’t miss out.


Plan thoroughly and confirm your schedule

Changing your travel plans after booking can be an expensive feat.  Double check your dates and meetings and take time to plan the most effective ways of getting around before booking your flights, car-hire and accommodation.  Just before trip commencement confirm all the travel bookings and details will suppliers and hosts.


Time Management

Get the most out of your trip by incorporating other business-related activities if time allows.  Instead of doing an entire trip for only one or two meetings, maximize your time spent away by visiting potential new clients or adding another leg onto the trip to get more business completed in a single journey.

Manage your time waiting at airports well by checking in to a business lounge which may allow you to get some work done, or at least ensure your comfort, minimizing jet-lag so that you are ready for business when you arrive at your destination.


Review the travel policy

Understand your business travel policy and make sure you have a good grasp on business expectations of your trip and expenditure budget.


Earn rewards with loyalty programs

If you travel a lot make sure you sign up for supplier loyalty programs.  Airlines, hotels, car hire companies and other travel service providers generally provide incentives for becoming your preferred supplier.  Whether its frequent flyer miles, free hotel stays, breakfast or a free upgrade, the savings and perks are worth it.


Be Organized

Come departure day, ensure you have every contact number you may possibly need with you including suppliers, your accommodation, car hire, emergency numbers, office and family contacts and the number of your hosts at the destination.  You will be very grateful if there is an emergency, delay or you need some assistance at short notice.

Ensure you have all your travel documents and a detailed scheduled with you as well as a copy of your passport.  Check that your travel insurance is up to date and keep these documents and emergency numbers close at hand.

It is always a good idea to leave a copy of your schedule with a loved one as well as your office.  This way if something goes wrong it will be much easier for them to assist and get hold of you.

Managing your own travel plans can be a hand-full, but there are many apps that can assist in making the process an easy and organized one.  More on that in our future posts.  In the mean-time, we wish you safe and successful travels.



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