Five Ways We Rock Corporate Accommodation

Booking accommodation for business travelers can be tricky.  Location is key, yet so is ensuring that the travelers needs are met without infringement on their privacy.  B&B’s can be great, but don’t always allow the visitor enough space and privacy to conduct meetings, work peacefully or stay for lengthy periods of time.  Here is where Vacasa South Africa masters corporate accommodation.  Consider our business-suited offering as below.



We have a range of apartments available from city centre, to the suburbs.  Whether your business traveler needs to be near the Cape Town Convention Centre, prefers to stay in the city hub or slightly more remotely to relax near the beach after hours, we can cater for these specific wishes.  We also offer a range of luxury homes suitable for exec getaways, incentive trips and small group breakaways or planning weekends.



Most of our homes come standard with Wi-Fi and provide enough space at a table or desk for getting some work done.  Due to the fact that the apartment will be solely occupied by the business guest they can also host meetings at their accommodation without infringing on anyone else’s space and have a private and undisturbed area for doing so.  All our apartments are fully equipped, including linen and kitchen amenities allowing guests to cater for their own meal preferences.


What You See Is What You Get

What you see on the internet when it comes to accommodation listings, and what you actually get, is not always the same thing, Vacasa prides itself in upholding a standard of excellence and quality accommodation.  All our homes go through a thorough quality check and vetting process to ensure they meet our requirements and that means, no matter which property across South Africa you book, you can be assured of a certain level of amenities and that what you see online, will indeed be what you get in reality.


One Stop Shop

Are you always having to deal with different suppliers to accommodate various business travelers?  Why not deal with one company and make it easy on your admin?  We provide accommodation across the Western Cape, Garden Route, Eastern Cape and Umhlanga, KwaZulu Natal (and are continuously expanding).  We also provide luxury safari getaways or conference getaways in Bela-Bela, Limpopo.  Whether you require a business overnight stay, incentive stay, exec family holiday or conference let us provide the best solution from our range of options, saving you the trouble of hopping between suppliers.


We do Long-term

Whether your business exec is staying two nights, or you need a company home for 6 months, we can help.  Our catering specifically to corporates allows for longer-term rentals, without having to enter a lease agreement.  This would also provide various company members somewhere to stay without always having to make a last-minute booking.  Our accommodation options range from studio and one-bedroom apartments to 3- or 4 en-suit roomed homes with fully equipped communal living areas.

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