#ProudlySouthAfrican Holiday Checklist

Living at the tip of Africa means you get to enjoy Christmas holidays on the beach and spend balmy summer evenings with family or friends over a long December vacay.  It also means that you may have a few unique items to check off your ‘holiday planning’ list before departing home.  Here’s our guide to make sure your holiday runs smoothly and you can enjoy putting your feet up with peace of mind.


Switch Off Unnecessary Power Munchers

Before heading off to paradise, make sure your geyser is switched off to save on unnecessary electricity bills. Most appliances still draw electricity when they are plugged in, even when not in use, so unplug items you won’t need running while you’re away such as the TV, toaster and oven.

If you prefer to have some lights on during your absence, purchase a light timer that can be programmed to turn lights on and off at specific times of the day. It will create the sense that someone is at home and also save you from having lights on throughout the entire day.


Water Woes

Save yourself the stress of returning back to a flooded home due to burst pipes or leaks by simply turning off your property water at the source.  Doing this not only safeguards against mishaps while you’re away but will also be your contribution to the environment considering that a large part of the country is undergoing a water shortage.


Let the Light In

No one wants nosy passersby to be sneaking into their home, but leaving the curtains open will allow neighbours to see if anything suspicious is going on inside, and will also make it seem like someone is home rather than having everything obviously closed-up for days on end.


Everybody Needs Good Neighbours

Whether or not you are getting a house-sitter to babysit your belongings and pets while you’re away, notify your neighbours  (or other dependable neighbourhood friends) of your absence.  A watchful eye can be an invaluable asset while you are away!



Better safe than sorry.  Being prepared will save you a lot of time, money (and a ruined holiday) in the unlikely chance of something unfortunate happening back home.  This could be anything from stolen goods, storm damage, burst pipes or electrical damage.  Where possible make sure you are covered for these events and update your policy if it is outdated.


Now that the nitty gritties are taken care of, go have yourself a merry little holiday – sun, sand and stress-free!

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