6 Ways to Experience a Culinary Adventure in Cape Town

Cape Town is a melting pot of diversity.  From culture and art to global trends, its array of cultural influences provides a magnificent food scene spanning from African street food to fine dining and the best of vegan and organic food sources.  One can, of course, do some restaurant-hopping across the peninsula, but to truly experience a culinary adventure like no other we recommend the following in celebration of the art of cooking and world-class produce.

Wine Farms

For a truly Capetonian experience get to the winelands and discover all things fruity, woody and cheesy.  With an extravagant array of world-class wine and cheese pairings, endless vineyards and an expanse of majestic mountain ranges, you have come to the perfect place to savour a classy affair of tantalizing gastronomic extravagance.

Best Picnic Spots in the Cape Winelands and Surrounds

Get into Nature

Cape Town is spoilt with a diverse and marvellous array of extraordinary natural settings.  Whether you’re hiking over its mountains, heading to the beach, lazing in the botanical gardens, or heading out on a yacht, there are numerous magical locations to enjoy a picnic and soak in all things happy.  Cape Town boasts an array of casual cuisines from Indian, Mexican, Mediterranean and Middle Eastern, to Korean, Thai and Japanese.  Pick up whatever your heart desires and head to your favourite spot with a cold brew.  Some venues provide picnic baskets on order, and although the choice of grub may be a bit more limited, all you have to do is collect your basket on arrival, spread out your picnic blanket and dig in.

For seaside lunches we highly recommend a good portion of fish and ‘slap chips’ doused in salt and vinegar and wrapped in paper – the real Cape Town way.


Rooftop bars

Think magnificent golden skies turning into an array of fiery pink sunsets while sipping cocktails and soaking in mellow jazz vibes.  There is no better way to end the day than head up to your favourite rooftop bar and relax in the contemporary and accepting culture of the city.  Surprisingly there are a myriad of rooftop bars up for discovery.  Click here for the rooftop bar rundown and tick them off one by one.  Happy rooftop exploring!



If there is one thing Capetonians are good at, besides drinking wine, it is celebrating all of nature’s organic nutritional goodness.  When heading off to one of the weekend markets around Cape Town make sure to go hungry.  You’ll find the best natural produce from local farms, to delicacies, cheeses, baked goodies and hot-off-the-grill grub.  A good old ‘bacon and egg’ breakfast is sure to be found amongst the stands as well as an array of craft beers and strong coffee.  Find some of Cape Towns favourite weekend markets here.


Fine Dining

When it comes to stylish evenings out Cape Town has no shortage of top-end chefs preparing gastronomic artwork you could only dream of.  Paired selectively with world-class wines, elegance and sophistication bring these trendy eateries to a class of their own.  Winter months encompass cosy and romantic fireside dining while the warm summer months are a celebration of seasonal exotic produce as the bustling area comes to life.  See the list of Cape Town’s top 20 restaurants here.


Coffee Bars

If you consider yourself a coffee connoisseur you may have to lengthen your stay in Cape Town to work your way through finding your favourite black brew in a city built on coffee.  Trendy and quirky coffee houses are found on every corner in the city, some with their own roasteries and others with grand barista flair.  If you’re not after the perfectly brewed cup of java and ready to explore something out the ordinary, there are plenty of alternatives to try including golden lattes with turmeric and beetroot lattes.  With so much java and so little time, have a look here for the top rated coffee joints in town.


Our list of favourites has most likely not even touched sides with the culinary adventures on offer in the Western Cape.  Fresh seafood, Malay cuisine and African shebeens wait to envelop you into the local culture and hospitality through generous culinary experiences.  With so much on offer, we hope you’re hungry when you arrive in this city of culinary delights.  Bon a petite.

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